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Nicki Minaj Quotes and John Lennon Quotes

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With millions tracking her on Twitter, Nicki Minaj may still lag far behind contemporaries such as John Mayer and Lady Gaga. All the same, popularity of this famous rapper goes far beyond those that follow her on Twitter. This spirited singer has succeeded in making a prominent spot deep in the very hearts of devotees, by way of popular super hit singles, duets, and Nicki Minaj quotes; the same as her fiery talks and looks.

As a professional, Nicki Minaj has made her mark on the scene with her lyrical songs. Besides, she has already been places, being the only performer who has had seven songs running on the Hot 100 Billboard at one time. Nicki has succeeded in breaking a number of other records as well, bringing her name to the apex. Not only earning fans by their millions, but an array of strong haters as well. On Twitter, she lets her tongue really loose with Nicki Minaj quotes. She expressively stretches herself out to both her unyielding admirers and haters, dealing with each group in a self professed manner. Nicki Minaj quotes cover the entire vista, ranging from love, jealousy, career, life to fame, boys, money and peer pressure. When it comes to Twitter, Nicki Minaj really lets everyone know her inner feelings regarding almost everything perceivable.

John Lennon dreamt of peace for the whole world. He played a prominent role as a vividly outspoken voice, artist and poet of the prevailing hippie generation of that era. He managed to fulfill the functions of a renowned peace artist, influential musician, husband, devoted lover, and absent father. He scoffed at normality, abused drugs and alcohol, but still spared time from his career of rock and roll to bring up his son. Above all, he was a diehard Beatle. He simply was, as he still is, the admired John Lennon, as well as the writer of John Lennon quotes.

In December 1980, John Lennon was shot by an obsessive fan. As millions lamented, the entire world joined to mourn the death of a celebrity who was the very soul of one of the greatest roll and roll musical groups. Today, he is remembered through John Lennon quotes.

Among memorable and popular Nicki Minaj quotes on Twitter “A lot of people send me direct messages on twitter telling me what they’re going through…” is of particular interest. With reference to John Lennon quotes, his family and devoted fans lovingly recollect his special gift to them.

Software Company Anahata Offers Services To Perths Commercial Food Equipment Industry

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Perth, Western Australia (PRWEB) August 23, 2014

Anahata Technologies Pty Ltd has developed over four years to become a major market player in the ICT solutions and consultancy services sector. This privately owned firm is engaged in the creation and installation of customized ICT solutions for industries in Perth and other locations worldwide. Anahata provides quality software and services that are inexpensive and reliable.

The Commercial Food Equipment industry is highly competitive and demanding. Businesses in this sector are faced with delivering quality food on time devoid of any delays or compromises in quality. It is vital to utilize customized ICT solutions for operations to run smoothly. Anahata has ventured into the Commercial Food Equipment Industry to fill the void left by ICT solutions providers that offer expensive software that do not always meet the needs and requirements of clients.

The ICT solutions offered by Anahata ensure that clients are able to realize the targets and objectives without compromising on quality. Conversely, Anahata delivers affordable ICT solutions that are cost-effective and increase revenue.

The firm supplies cross-platform solutions with open source software while adhering to open standards. In this way, Anahata provides a broad spectrum of solutions using Oracle and MYOB technologies. It is also engaged in partnerships with major ICT vendors to supply turnkey solutions like barcode printers, hosting and mobility.

For more information, visit the company website at

About Anahata Technologies Pty Ltd

Founded in Perth, Western Australia in 2010 by Pablo Rodriguez Pina, Anahata Technologies Pty Ltd is an Australian privately owned software development company specializing in the analysis, design, implementation and support of cost-effective, custom built software applications.

Anahata’s preferred delivery approach is an iterative, agile, customer centric software development process where business analysts and developers work with the customers to gather requirements and an understanding of the current business processes, and to design and deliver a software solution that not only meets the business’s needs, but also is designed to improve business productivity.

During development, a continuous integration process allows customers to test the application regularly as it is being built. Upon implementation, customer’s staff are trained on the usage of the new system.

A key target for software developed by Anahata is quality. Quality is achieved by leveraging agile processes and tools, where customers can engage in the development process to define the scope of development iterations, tasks and prioritize goals.

Web based and manual code review processes along with comprehensive unit tests and integration testing ensure that delivered projects meet quality expectations of the customer.

Anahata offers its customers a 3 month warranty and support period where users can have unlimited phone or email consultation. Customers can access an online task and issue management system to log requests for enhancements (RFEs) or report any defects encountered during the testing or production stages. Anahata seeks to be the most customer centric of all Perth software companies.

Anahata’s preferred technological choice is to deliver cross-platform solutions based on open standards and open source technology that ensure stability, compatibility, and security over a long application lifespan. This enables a reduction in upfront and ongoing licensing fees.

Anahata is an Oracle Certified Partner and delivers custom software solutions based on Oracle Technology, such as Java, Java Enterprise Edition, MySQL or Oracle Database. The Perth software company is a also certified MYOB developer partner providing Custom Software solutions that can integrate seamlessly with any MYOB software package such as MYOB AccountRight desktop or MYOB AccountRight Live (cloud).

Anahata partners with a number of local companies to deliver integrated turn key solutions including hosting, infrastructure, barcode printing, mobility and RFID scanning amongst other technologies.

As a cross-platform software vendor, Anahata can deliver solutions for the Mac platform and integrate with existing Mac Applications. The Perth software company is experienced in developing Patient Record Management Systems running on the Mac Platform and integrating with medical applications such as Genie.

Anahata is also experienced in embedded device development using cross platform technologies to deliver embedded applications that run on low resources devices such as Intel Atom or ARM processors. These embedded devices can connect to external sensors via CAN, USB, ethernet or similar. An example of embedded development is a mining vehicle activity monitoring application for a local mining company.

Once a project has been delivered, Anahata works with its customers to promote the developed solution or the customer’s business in general on the digital media providing services such as search engine optimization, content writing or email marketing.

Anahata Technologies in Victoria, Australia

In May 2013, founder and director Pablo Rodriguez Pina appointed Joana Lopez Castrillo as Regional Manager for Victoria and started offering software development and consultancy services to medium and large companies based in Victoria as well as the local Victorian governments and universities.

Anahata Technologies India Pty Ltd

In 2013, director Pablo Rodriguez Pina established the fully owned subsidiary Anahata Technologies India Pvt Ltd aimed at providing software development and database development services.

In November 2013, Pudattu Vijay Simha, a senior software engineer and employee of Anahata Technologies Pty Ltd was was appointed director of Anahata Technologies India Pvt Ltd to manage operations in India. Anahata Technologies India Pvt Ltd is based in the city of Hyderabad state of Andrah Pradesh.

Anahata Technologies India Pvt Ltd specialises in Oracle Java development and offers software development and custom software development services to companies worldwide.

Anahata Technologies India Pvt Ltd provides business process outsourcing services to companies worldwide helping a wide range of businesses (from small family owned businesses to universities or global companies) reduce business process costs.

Anahata Technologies in Europe

Since 2013, Anahata Technologies offers services to any country within the European Union and has presence in Spain and Croatia.

In November 2013, founders and directors Pablo Rodriguez Pina appointed Goran Lochert, a Senior Software engineer and employee of the custom software company as Europe Regional Manager to manage projects for customers based in Europe.

For more information about Anahata, visit our website or type or Perth software development companies in your favourite search engine.

Anahata Technologies Pty Ltd And Thermal Building Inspections Pty Ltd

Since 2013, Anahata is the official software developer of Building Inspections Perth company Thermal Building Inspections.

In close collaboration with Thermal Building Inspections staff members, Anahata and Thermal Building Inspections have developed a tailored made Business Management System also known as TBI BMS which allows TBI staff members to quote, book, and produce foto featured reports and Building Integrity certificates within the application.

The system is a cloud based solution developed on Java EE 7 with a desktop (JavaFX 8) frontend deployed via Java Web Start allowing staff members to login either from within TBI office as well as remotely. Via Java Web Start, version upgrades are rolled out in a way transparent to the user.

The system, developed with technologies such as GlassFish v4, Eclipselink, Context And Depency Injection, Enterprise Java Beans and a number of in-house Anahata libraries ships with a cloud based document management system which allows users to upload photos asynchronously, view inspection photo thumbnails or access generated Building Inspection Reports and Building Inspection Certificates.

TBI BMS uses Docmosis, a document generation library for java which allows users to edit email and document templates using LibreOffice and can produce documents in a number of formats such as Word, Libre Office, PDF or HTML.

The BMS comes with an error detection toolkit which monitors application logs for application errors and reports errors on the server or the client to Anahata’s engineers.

Thermal Building Inspections is a Perth based Pre-Purchase Building and Termite Inspection specialist. Using the latest Infrared Inspection technology, the Building Inspection Perth team can assess any current or past Termite activity. Thermal Building Inspections offers a wide range of Building Inspection services for both residential and commercial premises in Perth. Inspections are offered at highly competitive prices and all Inspection packages are conducted in a single visit.

Thermal Building Inspections can also conduct Pest Inspections utilizing the latest Thermal Imaging Technology. All Inspections are conducted in accordance with Australian Standards AS4349.3/AS3660 General Timber Pest Inspection. Pest damage is not always obvious and may require a specific diagnosis as to whether there is any Pest activity. A non-invasive Thermal Pest Inspection gives you peace of mind that you’re not going to be sharing your home with any unwanted housemates before purchasing your next property. Potential residential and commercial customers can view more details about the service on TBI’s web site or by searching termite inspections perth or pest inspections perth.

A Good Affiliate Program

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When I first started aspiring to earning an income on the Net, I was initially overpower by the sheer amount of information that was available. Over time, it became clear that Affiliate Marketing was the right way for me to get my feet wet. I wanted a business that cost little if nothing to start and would lead to honest profits after I put in the initial legwork. There are 3 basic duties that every Affiliate must complete in order to see the results that they are looking for.

Find the right Affiliate Program
So how does the average guy make at least $ 115,234 per month in easy money? The answer is in the LazyCash Formula Affiliate Program. It is very important to join a good Affiliate Program that offers good money opportunities. You will be focusing and putting in a important amount of effort on this company, so it makes sense to spend as much time needed in order to find the right opportunity. If you are after high amount sales, look at products that sell for under $ 100. Commissions will be easier to get if your Affiliate Program provides marketing material and real support. Try and locate a program that solves a common problem to make sure that you have access to a large amount of potential buyers.

Learn impressive marketing techniques
The bread and butter of every young Affiliate Marketer is Pay-per-click advertising. There is no faster or easier way to drive targeted traffic to your affiliate Web Site. Apply any other marketing methods that you have checked out and/or you believe is worth your time. It really helps to learn the difficulty of this form of marketing in order to maximize your efforts. The overall rule of thumb – focus, focus, focus and put together great money ads. Once you’ve found the right money recipe you can earn a monthly income of $ 115,234!

Keep good records
Every Affiliate Marketer will make more money if they keep good records of everything they do throughout the business day. This will help you stay organized and it makes it easy to figure out what is working and what is not working. Because success in Affiliate Marketing rotates around and growing on efforts that have established to be effective, it pays to have easy access to every task that has been finished over the life of the business.

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An Quick-Cash Formula That Makes Him At Least 5,234.29 Per
Month And How You Can Start Using It 7 Minutes From Now!
==> or

Best Enterprise SEO Agencies Recognized for Excellence in the Field by 10 Best SEO

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San Francisco, California (PRWEB) August 14, 2014

Established in San Francisco, 10 Best SEO is among the fastest growing search engine optimization directories online today. It’s composed of a team of expert online marketers. Each agency is ranked using the 10 Best SEO special formula. The formula examines numerous qualitative and quantitative ranking sources and analytics. This includes client and online research, previous awards, reviews and traffic.

10 Best SEO is a platform for potential clients to find the right SEO agency for their needs. The ranking of enterprise SEO firms is only one ranking on their site. Each specialization should be measured by different parameters, and 10 Best SEO realizes that. They provide rankings enterprise, global and local SEO for accurate results.

In 1st place this year is Boostability, an online marketing agency that specializes in creating cost-efficient campaigns for various budgets. Their services are targeted toward small businesses. Boostability’s main services are local marketing strategies.

Coming in second, Blue Fountain Media’s enterprise SEO services help companies build their online reputation with services such as online marketing, development for both web and mobile, and design. Their creative services encompass graphic, video and print. Blue Fountain Media builds and markets for small and large companies.

The #3 Best Enterprise SEO Agency, Customer Magnetism, works to expand and track their clients’ web presence. They offer full-service marketing strategies. Their services include SEO, content marketing, analytics and research, design and development and social media marketing.

The rankings provided on 10 Best SEO provide companies with a place to find the best in the business in multiple areas of SEO marketing. This list of top enterprise SEO Companies has been ranked by the world’s marketing experts. They know the business, and they know what’s needed to be a true stand-out in the field of SEO marketing.

Bathroom Remodel Quote

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Before undertaking a bathroom remodel, it is necessary to get a bathroom remodel quote. This will go a long way in helping you make a budget for your bathroom remodel project and will also aid you in deciding what part of the remodeling to stick with and which to ditch.

A bathroom remodel project can be a complex one particularly if you are redesigning the whole bathroom or doing some more complicated work that involves plumbing or electrical work. In such a case, it is most expedient for you to work with a bathroom remodel company.

Before you decide on a particular bathroom remodel company, you should scout around for reputable companies that have a history of delivering high quality professionally done work on time. When you have narrowed down a list of bathroom remodel companies, request a bathroom remodel quote from each. This should help you in your decision on what company to work with.
Getting bathroom remodel quotes from multiple bathroom remodeling firms is a straightforward affair and sometimes as simple as going to their websites on the internet and filling in your information. The challenge arises when you have not yet decided what form your bathroom remodeling project should take.

If you plan to just make surface changes or light alterations, it would reflect as much in any quote you will get from a remodeling firm. That would also apply if you choose to make more complex changes such as resizing or a complete overhaul of the amenities in the bathroom.

Your bathroom remodel quote should feature your plans and design for the bathroom including light fixtures, tiling jobs and any other related change. Bear in mind that even though most bathroom remodeling firms are willing to consult with you in order to come up with a solution for your bathroom that would be satisfactory to you, you need to have  clear idea of what you want in your bathroom.

To aid you in this, browse home improvement sites on the internet as some come equipped with pictures to help guide you. Also go through current home improvement magazines to get ideas about trends and styles. Sometimes, something as simple as an added accent to your tiling job can change the look of your bathroom.

You also need to determine what you want to change completely and on what you just want a little enhancement work done. For instance you might decide to carry out a reglaze of your bath tub instead of replacing it with a brand new one.

Once you have a clear idea of the design you want in your bathroom and what changes you are willing to make to achieve that design, go ahead and request a bathroom remodel quote from the firms you have narrowed down. Be sure to compare prices and quality of material to be used before you make up your mind. Regardless of how much more affordable a particular firm is, research their reputation before you give them your job.

Shawn Hickman is the Search Marketing Manager for Sears Home Improvements. For more information on getting a Bathroom Remodel Quote , visit the Bath Remodel Services section of the Sears Home Services website or call 1-866-238-5142.

Get Your Conveyancing Quote Online Today!

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The term conveyancing is the legal and administrative work concerned in transferring land or buildings from one person to another. This process takes place after an offer has been made on a property and after that offer has been accepted. The details of both parties’ details will have been exchanged.

It is usual, and convenient, for a person to hire a solicitor or licensed conveyancer to deal with the legal side of buying or selling their home.

Conveyancing Quote

In recent years, and thanks to the rapid growth of technology and the World Wide Web (WWW), it has now become commonplace to search online for many things, including conveyancing quotes, and it has revolutionised the process of moving house for many people. A number of conveyancing quote websites have been created which offer its visitors the best possible price using a range of experienced and established conveyancing solicitors.

Due to the efficiency of the Internet, the majority of people now use Internet search engines to shop and also to search for products and information, including finding a conveyancing quote with the best deal.

Things to look out for

Be careful though – even if you’re certain that you have found the cheapest conveyancing quote, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are the best value for money. Some conveyancers can often be sly with their costs, hiding hidden charges within their fees. There are two sets of costs involved – one set consisting of the solicitors legal fees (which will vary between solicitors anyway) and the other being the disbursements (charges that should never differ between solicitors for example land registry fees and stamp duty). However some solicitors like to add extra costs to their disbursements such as photocopying fees and charges for phone calls. To avoid this, ask them upfront about the fees that you will be charged.

Finding your perfect conveyancing quote online

You should contact a number of different conveyancers, noting the prices of their services and the quality of the response they give you. Research possible suitable conveyancers thoroughly online and it would also be wise to look for conveyancers with excellent customer feedback and with good online reviews – this way you know that their other clients have been happy with their service and that they had a good experience when using them. It is also useful to ask friends and family if they have any recommendations for suitable conveyancers. Normally a good recommendation will ensure a good value and quality service and you will know that the company you are using is completely reliable.

Ultimately, moving house can be a very expensive for many people. The benefit of using the internet to search for a conveyancer is that you are far more likely to find a cheap conveyancer quote and you can search their companies thoroughly before making a decision about who you want to use to help you through your house move. For a good decision at this stage will make the who process of moving house a far less stressful one. Good luck!

For further information regarding getting a conveyancing quote, please visit our website at

Google I/O 2014 – Keynote


Google I/O 2014 - Keynote

This morning we welcomed 6000 developers to our 7th annual Google I/O developer conference. The crowd in San Francisco was joined by millions more watching on the livestream and 597 I/O Extended…

Mastering The Process Of Search Engine Optimization

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Internet marketing is a very exciting and ever-progressing field, which is rapidly expanding. Search engine optimization is becoming one of the most popular ways to help grow your business from the ground up.

It may be the only way that you can squash your competition, and become number one. That is why mastering the SEO process is so important, and interesting.

Down to its essence, search engine optimization comes down to helping your business and your website become more searchable online. It sounds simple enough, but there is a great deal that goes into the process.

To begin with, you need to master keyword analysis. This means finding the exact phrases and words that you want to lead those searching to your particular business.

What are people most likely going to associate with your product or service? What city do you generally cater your business to?

What words will they type into the search box? These are all very important questions to think about, and do in depth research on.

Knowing these answers will help you to directly target your content to meet these needs. Next, you need to create a killer website design.

For this, you may want to turn to a professional if you are not an expert in the field of web design. Customers can spot the very least bit of a lack of professionalism the moment they see your site.

You will get better results if you design with optimization in mind from the beginning. If you incorporate optimization into the very construction of your website, it is much more seamless and genuine than if you build your site and then try to tweak it for optimization.

This is where the professionals can really make a difference. The more basic and genuine your site, the more the search engines will like it.

The flashier you get, the less success you are likely to have. After all, search engines do not see the graphics when they spider you-they are text-based, and that is what they are evaluating.

Give them lots of text to crawl over, to make them happy. Creating large websites with lots of great copy is one of the best ways to be ranked toward the top.

Next, make sure that all of your coding META tags, titles, and headers are the best they can possibly be. Your code can be optimized independently from your copy, with its own little adjustments.

Make sure that your HTML is very specific, with descriptions of your pictures and specific heading tags that make your code more visible to a search engine. This is perhaps one of the most commonly debated aspects of this business, and is sometimes the most overemphasized.

Make sure that you are strong in this area, but do not focus all your time on it. Next, make sure that you link other sites to your own, but not too many.

Unfortunately, this sometimes leads to link farms, which are sites with no real content, just lists and lists of links. Doing this will list you as spam.

Do not just link with anybody, but find some fellow, quality website that deals with similar content and see if you two can share links with each other. This will help you both.

Jack Landry is a veteran in the field of online marketing and has authored hundreds of articles relating to online marketing and search engine optimization. He recommends thisInternet Marketing SEO company for your online business.

Contact Info:
Jack Landry

Americas Fastest Growing Video Agency, REP Interactive, Hires Top Digital Media Mom as Executive Producer

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Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) February 06, 2014

REP Interactive announces their latest Executive Producer Kimberley Blaine the “Go-To Mom”. In 2013 video production company REP Interactive won dozens of awards for online video, branded entertainment, and broadcast media production. As REP Interactive moves into the entertainment markets, they’ve selected Kimberley Blaine as their latest Executive Producer.

“Kimberley Blaine is a true pioneer in digital programming. I am proud to have her on our team. She is very hardworking and I’ve always admired her willingness to help and coach others. She is an innovative leader in the media space and a true asset to REP Interactive. As we continue to push our brand and our clients into the future, Kimberley will help lead the way,” states Steve Gatena, CEO of Los Angeles-based video and broadcast media company, REP Interactive.

Kimberley founded the “Go-To Mom TV” and has created a plethora of original video content for popular destination sites, government campaigns, and family-friendly brands. She is an author of multiple books and has spent the last 7 years creating online programming for women and parents. Kimberley’s creative vision has driven content initiatives for brands like Sony Electronics, DreamWorks, Disney, Lego Systems, Microsoft Bing, DelMonte, 3M/Post It Notes, Yahoo! and Schick.

As a founding partner of MomPulse, one of the fastest growing YouTube networks for moms, we can say that we are thrilled to hit the pavement with her vision and insight. As an Executive Producer, Kimberley will help REP Interactive’s clients develop branded entertainment as well as work on REP’s latest broadcast entertainment initiatives including Television Series Development and potential Feature Films.

“I’ve already learned so much from Kimberley. At REP Interactive we have an excellent culture full of amazing people. From former Army Rangers to Tri-lingual Russian filmmakers we are a very diverse and talented bunch. Kimberley gives REP Interactive that added element of in-depth entertainment experience and content excellence from an online perspective. We interviewed a number of Executive Producer candidates who were all very qualified and we decided that Kimberley was an outstanding fit for our brand and where the business is going over the next five years,” states Chris Carter, Executive Vice President of Los Angeles-based video and broadcast media company, REP Interactive.

Fortune 500 Companies trust REP Interactive to create media solutions that increase revenue, decrease expenses, and achieve communication goals. At REP Interactive we empower businesses and inspire people through video & broadcast media.

About REP Interactive

REP Interactive ( is an award winning video and broadcast media agency. REP empowers businesses with video and broadcast media solutions that increase revenue, decrease expenses and achieve communication goals. Since 2011, clients like Coldwell Banker, Marriott Hotels, and GE Healthcare have relied on REP Interactive for their ability to create innovative solutions to corporate communication problems.

Please contact Chris Carter, REP Interactive for inquiries: Chris(at)repinteractive(dot)com or call 888-789-1299.

How to Obtain Accurate Moving Quotes

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The first rule when looking for a moving company is to narrow the list to the companies that are already popular and therefore more reputable. Cheaper, less trustworthy moving companies can end up being much more expensive when the whole moving is done. These low-priced firms often prove to be scams, as their moving quotes aren’t very accurate, this leading to much higher prices than they specified at the beginning of the job.

When choosing a price package you must carefully read the list of services you are paying for and opt for an offer that best suits your needs. Companies will want you to pick one of the most expensive packages, but some of their services might be completely unnecessary to you. Attention, don’t overwhelm yourself with more tasks than you can carry just to save some money, you can easily end up creating a nightmare for you and your family.

Another thing to consider at a moving company, before hiring one, is an accurate plan for any unfortunate disputes that may occur during relocation. Many firms claim they have a dispute plan but avoid sharing it with the costumer in writing. Stay away from this kind of companies. If your possessions suffer any damage during transportation, the company will not take responsibility.

The main criteria to estimate a relocating price are the distance between your old and new home, the total weight of your belongings and the additional services that you opt for.

Moving companies generally use two options for quotes: binding and non-binding. When binding quote is used, price is estimated only after a visit by the company’s employers. They make a list of all the items you would like to transport, including their weight. This allows them to approximate a fee, which could seem higher than expected, but it will be much closer to the real price than then other type of companies would suggest.

Non-binding estimates are made according to your descriptions, the company thus giving you a quote over the telephone and not coming to your home or office to write everything down in official documents. The quotes will probably change at the end of the relocation, when the goods weights are measured and price will go higher when comparing it to the one offered by a company that offers a binding quote.

When you decide to hire a professional moving company to take care of your relocation, getting accurate moving quotes is the first and the most important step. Using the services of an online moving guide will allow you to compare different moving firms and their moving quotes in just a few minutes.

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