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Americas Fastest Growing Video Agency, REP Interactive, Hires Top Digital Media Mom as Executive Producer

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Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) February 06, 2014

REP Interactive announces their latest Executive Producer Kimberley Blaine the “Go-To Mom”. In 2013 video production company REP Interactive won dozens of awards for online video, branded entertainment, and broadcast media production. As REP Interactive moves into the entertainment markets, they’ve selected Kimberley Blaine as their latest Executive Producer.

“Kimberley Blaine is a true pioneer in digital programming. I am proud to have her on our team. She is very hardworking and I’ve always admired her willingness to help and coach others. She is an innovative leader in the media space and a true asset to REP Interactive. As we continue to push our brand and our clients into the future, Kimberley will help lead the way,” states Steve Gatena, CEO of Los Angeles-based video and broadcast media company, REP Interactive.

Kimberley founded the “Go-To Mom TV” and has created a plethora of original video content for popular destination sites, government campaigns, and family-friendly brands. She is an author of multiple books and has spent the last 7 years creating online programming for women and parents. Kimberley’s creative vision has driven content initiatives for brands like Sony Electronics, DreamWorks, Disney, Lego Systems, Microsoft Bing, DelMonte, 3M/Post It Notes, Yahoo! and Schick.

As a founding partner of MomPulse, one of the fastest growing YouTube networks for moms, we can say that we are thrilled to hit the pavement with her vision and insight. As an Executive Producer, Kimberley will help REP Interactive’s clients develop branded entertainment as well as work on REP’s latest broadcast entertainment initiatives including Television Series Development and potential Feature Films.

“I’ve already learned so much from Kimberley. At REP Interactive we have an excellent culture full of amazing people. From former Army Rangers to Tri-lingual Russian filmmakers we are a very diverse and talented bunch. Kimberley gives REP Interactive that added element of in-depth entertainment experience and content excellence from an online perspective. We interviewed a number of Executive Producer candidates who were all very qualified and we decided that Kimberley was an outstanding fit for our brand and where the business is going over the next five years,” states Chris Carter, Executive Vice President of Los Angeles-based video and broadcast media company, REP Interactive.

Fortune 500 Companies trust REP Interactive to create media solutions that increase revenue, decrease expenses, and achieve communication goals. At REP Interactive we empower businesses and inspire people through video & broadcast media.

About REP Interactive

REP Interactive ( is an award winning video and broadcast media agency. REP empowers businesses with video and broadcast media solutions that increase revenue, decrease expenses and achieve communication goals. Since 2011, clients like Coldwell Banker, Marriott Hotels, and GE Healthcare have relied on REP Interactive for their ability to create innovative solutions to corporate communication problems.

Please contact Chris Carter, REP Interactive for inquiries: Chris(at)repinteractive(dot)com or call 888-789-1299.

How to Obtain Accurate Moving Quotes

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The first rule when looking for a moving company is to narrow the list to the companies that are already popular and therefore more reputable. Cheaper, less trustworthy moving companies can end up being much more expensive when the whole moving is done. These low-priced firms often prove to be scams, as their moving quotes aren’t very accurate, this leading to much higher prices than they specified at the beginning of the job.

When choosing a price package you must carefully read the list of services you are paying for and opt for an offer that best suits your needs. Companies will want you to pick one of the most expensive packages, but some of their services might be completely unnecessary to you. Attention, don’t overwhelm yourself with more tasks than you can carry just to save some money, you can easily end up creating a nightmare for you and your family.

Another thing to consider at a moving company, before hiring one, is an accurate plan for any unfortunate disputes that may occur during relocation. Many firms claim they have a dispute plan but avoid sharing it with the costumer in writing. Stay away from this kind of companies. If your possessions suffer any damage during transportation, the company will not take responsibility.

The main criteria to estimate a relocating price are the distance between your old and new home, the total weight of your belongings and the additional services that you opt for.

Moving companies generally use two options for quotes: binding and non-binding. When binding quote is used, price is estimated only after a visit by the company’s employers. They make a list of all the items you would like to transport, including their weight. This allows them to approximate a fee, which could seem higher than expected, but it will be much closer to the real price than then other type of companies would suggest.

Non-binding estimates are made according to your descriptions, the company thus giving you a quote over the telephone and not coming to your home or office to write everything down in official documents. The quotes will probably change at the end of the relocation, when the goods weights are measured and price will go higher when comparing it to the one offered by a company that offers a binding quote.

When you decide to hire a professional moving company to take care of your relocation, getting accurate moving quotes is the first and the most important step. Using the services of an online moving guide will allow you to compare different moving firms and their moving quotes in just a few minutes.

Yahoo – Mordida de Amor – Globo de Ouro (1988)


Apresentação da banda Yahoo em Outubro de 1988. Reprise pelo Canal Viva.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Web Designers Staffordshire: Fill Up A Quote Form Today

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Your website design serves as the main window of your business. The very first thing that a potential customer (visitor) would notice is the entire design of your website, and from there, it would determine whether they wanted to browse through your website and search for products or services that you are offering. With that having said, you must consider finding web designers Staffordshire that are capable of performing these delicate tasks, and help you do the entire design for your business in a professional manner.

You have to remember, that the success of your website greatly relies on the template used, the font size, text and color, as well as the entire design of the site. If one of these aspects fails, you can expect that there are less chances for your business to succeed. Although it may sound really simple, it plays an essential role in helping our online business generate sales and revenues.

There are certain website development and design companies that are offering their services for a cheap price, while some are more expensive than the others. However, the quality of their work should be the very first thing that you must take into consideration, and how much they charge for their services goes next. Hence, it is important that you take a look at their company portfolio check for yourself their own touch of design, and see whether they are capable of performing the website design and layout that you are expecting to have,
Web designers Staffordshire are usually offering their company portfolio, and most often, these samples can be accessed from their own website. If you are not able to see the portfolio, you can simply send them an e-mail and request for a link or at least give you access on where you can check their sample website design and layouts.

Once that you have already checked their portfolio, this is the perfect time for you to ask for a quotation. Usually, web designers Staffordshire give a free quotation on their services. Betta Webdesigners for instance; from their website, you will be able to see a page wherein you can ask for a quotation. Simply fill up the required fields from the form, and wait for a response coming from the company. You can do this in order to determine whether they are offering the best deal and whether they are more capable of providing the web design needs that you are in great need of.

You have to remember: dont rush things. When looking for web designers Staffordshire, you have to take into consideration that there are a lot of factors that must be checked in order to determine a companys capability. You must think twice, and be careful with your decisions. Your website design plays a very important role in your business, and finding someone that can properly do or perform the job for you greatly matters.

If you are looking for web designers Staffordshire, you can visit our website and see what options we have for your company. Let us help you create a beautifully designed website that is the key to a successful online business.

Retail Shopping App Ibotta Closes $20 Million in Series B Funding to Rapidly Expand Worlds Leading Offline Affiliate Program

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Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) June 17, 2014

Ibotta, Inc., the leading U.S. retail shopping app that gives users cash back when they shop and already one of the most frequently used mobile apps in the United States, received $ 20 million in Series B funding led by Jim Clark, to help aggressively scale its industry-shaping mobile loyalty platform. Known for its unique brand engagement model, Ibotta’s new funding will allow it to build on its industry leading position as a mobile loyalty and brand building platform in the grocery and consumer packaged goods (CPG) space while adding new brand and retail partnerships outside of grocery.

Ibotta’s Series B Investment comes on the heels of its rapid growth with consumers, brands and retailers, who are turning to Ibotta as a superior investment to coupons and digital media based on an ability to facilitate a direct conversation with consumers; and because Ibotta’s pay for performance model ensures that they only pay for mobile media when it results in a verified sale.

The company has already grown to over three million customers and enjoys partnerships with more than 80 leading retailers in over 100,000 locations in the U.S. As well as being the leading retail shopping app on iOS and Android, Ibotta also occupies the position of 16th most frequently used app in the U.S. in any category. and features offers by all ten of the largest CPG manufacturers.

“Ibotta represents the future of how mobile technology will be used to drive both in-store and online sales. Not only does Ibotta allow retailers to drive sales directly in store, but it also allows them to see what type of media engagement has the largest effect on resulting customer purchases,” said Jim Clark, lead investor and new member of Ibotta’s Board of Directors. “It not only builds loyalty through mobile media interactions but also allows brick-and-mortar retailers to drive and measure the increase in real traffic to their stores, down to the item-level purchase.”

Ibotta’s turnkey verification process also allows for clear sales attribution, unlocking an offline environment where more than $ 10 trillion was spent by consumers last year.

“We are not only thrilled to have received this latest round of funding but to have also gained such a distinguished panel of advisors to our board. We intend to use the proceeds from our Series B to scale our business and engineering team, grow our consumer base and expand our current offerings into the multi-billion dollar offline affiliate market. Our recent success driving sales for our retail and brand partners demonstrates that offline affiliate programs can have a dramatic impact on in-store sales,’’ said Ibotta CEO Bryan Leach.

About Ibotta

Ibotta, a Denver-based mobile technology company, is transforming the way companies and retailers think about and execute mobile advertising in conjunction with brand loyalty development. With a one-of-a-kind user experience, the world’s leading companies and retailers continue to make Ibotta a key pillar of their digital programs and in-store growth strategies.

With over two billion rebates viewed, 70 million completed brand interactions, and over $ 7 million in cash rewards earned by users to date, Ibotta continues to drive brand messaging tracked to direct item level purchases for both in-store and online transactions, setting it apart as a true omni-channel solution.

what do you think of the ” making money online” through the different web sites that offer packages?

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Question by loucenda: what do you think of the ” making money online” through the different web sites that offer packages?

Best answer:

Answer by wizjp
Hundred questions a day here like that. 99.9% seem to be selling software or getting your money to sign up for useless scams. 0.05 % are people who’s real jobs let them work from home from time to time; 0.05% are undecided. Be careful of the scammers about to answer.

If there were such jobs wouldn’t everyone be doing them?

Give your answer to this question below!

NorthStar Alarm Releases New Look that Highlights the Complete NorthStar Home

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Orem, Utah (PRWEB) June 04, 2014

NorthStar proudly released a new company look this past week that highlights its full line of home automation and security solutions. The company website, marketing materials, customer tools, and videos all embraced the new look – creating an emphasis on what NorthStar calls the “NorthStar Home.”

“For the past three years, we have offered a full range of home automation solutions, but our primary focus was home security,” said Jason Christensen, President of NorthStar. “Though we still pride ourselves on being a leader in the security industry, we are raising the bar in home automation and offering a smart home solution that anyone can afford.”

The idea of the fully connected “NorthStar Home” is conveyed in all aspects of the new NorthStar site. To simplify and make home automation technology easy to understand, the company has created the categories of Security, Access Control, Energy, and Video.

“The way we have laid out our new site and marketing materials will help families better understand how practical and affordable a connected home really is,” said Adam Bailey, Director of Sales at NorthStar. “The convenience and peace of mind our systems provide really is incredible.”

NorthStar partners with Honeywell to provide the most advanced and user friendly hardware solutions on the market, including the “Smart Garage” – a signature product that allows users to access their garage doors from anywhere in the world.

Visit to learn more.

About NorthStar

NorthStar is one of the fastest growing home security and automation companies in North America. For more than a decade, we have been providing families with peace of mind, while staying true to our core values of integrity, accountability, and service – and are now serving over 30,000 customers nationwide. NorthStar has the equipment, relationships, and reputation that you can count on. Visit for more information. Announces Partnership with Safeguard Self Storage

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Omaha, NE (PRWEB) June 03, 2014

Safeguard Self Storage, a premier self storage provider with more than 65 locations in six states is partnering with and its storage network to improve online marketing presence and drive more customers to its properties.

“We’re always looking for ways to make it easy for individuals and business people using the Internet to search for self storage to find our amenity-packed stores,” said Kurt Kleindienst, Vice President of Operational Initiatives at Safeguard Self Storage. “Safeguard understands self storage and—best of all—we help our customers understand their many self storage options and assist them in finding the solution that best fits their storage needs. We look forward to the additional exposure our locations will receive by being listed on”

The addition of Safeguard Self Storage and their properties to the storage network means that storage consumers using to find, compare, and reserve their self storage solution have an increased selection of quality facilities to choose from in several markets throughout the Midwest and East Coast. These markets include Chicago, New York City, and Miami.

“Safeguard Self Storage is an outstanding company, and we’re excited to have their properties added to,” said Nick Bilava, Director of Sales and Marketing for “Adding Safeguard’s 65 locations to our shop-and-compare directory really benefits consumers all over the United States. Consumers searching for self storage options can sort by the size of unit they need, what they are willing to pay, and the amenities they want in seconds to find the exact unit that is right for them.”

For Safeguard Self Storage, provides a results-oriented self storage marketing program that can help them gain visibility in all of the markets where they operate self storage facilities. Many Safeguard Self Storage locations are in highly competitive markets throughout the nation, which makes having a strong marketing presence a significant priority.

“Our program is set up to provide an immediate return on investment by only charging our member facilities when they receive a new tenant,” said Bill Hipsher of B² Interactive, an Omaha-based, full-service digital marketing agency that operates through a licensing agreement. “We have—and will continue to see—an increase in the number of consumers wanting the ability to reserve a unit online any time of the day when it’s convenient for them. With the listings we provide, Safeguard Self Storage facilities will be able to provide that level of service.”

As continues to improve upon the current marketing line for self storage operators, along with the shopping experience for storage consumers, adding operators like Safeguard Self Storage will continue to be a top priority. An abundant selection of facilities located throughout the United States will help provide a better overall storage solution. provides information on the largest available variety of self storage facilities throughout the United States and accepts online reservations through the website. Prospective self storage customers using benefit from a simple and unbiased online shopping experience that is secure and easy to use. As a member of, storage facilities can choose from three, easy-to-understand levels of participation, all designed to help facilities be found online by new tenants and provide storage operators with an easy-to-measure return on their marketing investments.


About Safeguard Self Storage

Safeguard has been providing storage solutions for over 25 years with the goal of delivering unexpected quality and service at every level. With these founding principles, Safeguard has grown to more than 65 locations and is one of the premier self storage companies in the United States. Safeguard opened its first facility in New Orleans in 1989. Since then, the company has grown to include additional developments in Louisiana, as well as Florida, Illinois, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. Through various acquisition and development strategies, Safeguard now operates in six states, offering more than 3.3 million square feet of storage space. Safeguard Self Storage is operated by Morgan Stanley’s Prime Property Fund.

About helps storage facilities, large or small, compete more effectively in the online marketplace. lists facilities on the largest network of storage directories on the web, allowing potential customers to search for self storage in their area. features software integrations with major property management systems and provides easy-to-use online inventory management tools for facilities not using property management systems, allowing consumers to find and rent storage units from real-time availability. is the only online marketing tool that delivers exclusive reservations, provides a complete search engine optimization (SEO) package, and is fueled by self storage experts. For more information, visit

How does affiliate marketing work, and how do people make money from it?


Question by Syed A: How does affiliate marketing work, and how do people make money from it?
Could somebody please explain how does affiliate marketing work, and how do people make money from it.
P.S: I need only answers no links to join some groups and thereby asking to pay certain amount to proceed. Thanks.

Best answer:

Answer by Jay
Typically, you’re asked to sell a certain amount of product. In additional, you’re suppose to recruit others to do selling. For those you recruit, you get a cut.

That’s one kind of “affiliate marketing” and is the “bad” kind because it’s a pyramid scheme. There are alternatives that do fancy things so as not to be labeled as such, but they all have the problem that those that at the bottom end up losing because there’s no one else to recruit.

The other kind is where you sell a product for a company, such as cell phones or satellite dish services. This allows the primary company to expand their sales force, without actually having people on the payroll. You get paid by the sale. The other benefit to the company is that they aren’t responsible for the sales tactics of the affiliate. Sometimes, an affiliate will make promises to a customer that the main company will need keep. By the time that the the customer finds out, the affiliate is either gone or simply says “not my problem.”

This isn’t to say all affiliate marketers are dishonest, of course. And if you work hard to market your product, you can make nice commissions. But it’s up to you to sell. In some markets, there is an over saturation.

What do you think? Answer below!

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